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YOTEL Singapore Tax and temporary hold fee explained


Typically, on top of your room charges, we charge hotel occupancy tax and our hotel facility fee, which are all included in the final price when you book directly at YOTEL.com.

If you booked through a third-party site, you may be asked to pay our hotel facility fee upon arrival as this isn’t always included in the final price on third party websites.


  • 10% Service Charge (mandatory fee)
  • 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST), 8% GST from 1st January 2023
  • We don’t charge any credit card fees at YOTEL Singapore.

Temporary hold fee: YOTEL Singapore reserves the right to collect, through pre-authorization, at least S$ 50 per room as a deposit for incidentals or damage.

A $50 temporary hold fee for incidentals is taken per cabin, per night. The incidental fees will be released during the check-out. A pre-authorization will place the pre-authorized amount in a holding-state and temporarily reduce one's credit card limit, but it is NOT a transaction charge and will not be reflected in one's credit card statement.

Depending on one's credit card bank's set up, the pre-authorized amount will be released typically after 14 days. For assurance, guests whose credit cards have been pre-authorized are encouraged to check with their respective credit card bank to confirm the above understanding of pre-authorization, confirm that a pre-authorization - and NOT a charge - has been performed, and affirm the pre-authorized amount and when it will be released as scheduled. For guests holding a debit card, the hotel will perform a sale transaction on the total incidental charges. Any balance amounts will be refunded accordingly after the departure in SGD.

Do take note we currently do not hold any temporary incidental fees

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