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What baggage can I bring to YOTEL Istanbul?



YOTEL Istanbul Airport (Landside) is located on the landside of the main terminal building. You may bring all travel luggage with you to the hotel include large items of luggage and hand luggage. You can store your luggage with Mission Control located on the ground floor. Please note there is limited storage in your cabin. The hotel is located before security and passport control next to the check-in counters. You will find the entrance of the hotel opposite terminal door entrance 7.


YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (Airside) is located inside the retail Duty Free area after passport control and security. You must go through security and passport control to access the hotel. Only hand luggage is permitted. It is not possible to bring large items of luggage to the hotel. Your large luggages must be transfered to your next international flight by your airlines or they should be checked in already.  You are not able to collect your luggages on airside. The aviation rules around liquids and container size also apply, so only take what you would usually take for hand luggage into the airside transit area. We provide shower gel, shampoo and fluffy towels in our cabins. You MUST have a valid boarding pass. Check your flight details before booking our hotel.

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