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Which YOTEL Istanbul Airport hotel should I book?


YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (airside) is for arriving via international or departing via international flight with checked-in luggage. Only cabin size hand luggages are allowed in transit zone.

You will only need your passport and your next international flight boarding pass to check-in to the cabins. No visa required.

YOTEL Istanbul Airport (landside) is located at entrance - city side of the airport, before immigration and passport control.

You may choose to stay here if you are:

  • Arriving via domestic &  departing via domestic flights
  • Arriving via domestic & departing via international
  • Arriving via domestic, before leaving the airport
  • Arriving via international & departing via domestic flight
  • Planning to visit Istanbul City between your two international flights layover.
  • Flying with two different airlines with a non-connecting flight that you need to collect your luggages and recheck in them. 

Please make sure you have a valid visa, If you are passport holder of nationalities require visa to enter Turkey.

It is required to exit from duty-free and transit area to access the hotel. 

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