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YOTEL luggage and bag storage policy



YOTELs provide luggage storage either in a luggage store, YOBOT robotic luggage storage or with off-site 3rd party luggage storage providers.

These Conditions apply and assumed as understood to any person ("The Storer", “guest”, "customer", “you”, “your”) who store bags/baggage, luggage, parcels, any other items at any YOTEL properties, provider of storage (“The Storage provider”) and are in addition to the terms of the website conditions, which also form part of and apply to these conditions. 

The Storer certifies that the stored luggage does not include any of the following items: Cash and securities, Food or perishable goods, Living plants or animals, Waste, Flammable or hazardous goods, Illegal goods, Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods, Firearms, munitions or explosives, Radioactive materials.

Storage will begin at the time of deposit and will continue until the Storer claims the baggage or the Storage Provider removes the baggage after the maximum rental/storage period has expired. 

Storage time may not exceed the maximum storage period (24 hours). If the Storer fails to reclaim the luggage at the end of the storage period (24 hours), the Storage Provider may change the storage location and continue to store the luggage at the 24-hour rate of £75 until the Storer reclaims the luggage.

The Storage Provider may require the Storer to pay accrued storage fees before returning the luggage.

If the luggage is not collected 30 days after the initial 24-hour period, the Storage Provider may deem the luggage abandoned, sell it to pay for outstanding storage fees, and hold the balance (minus reasonable costs of sale) for the Storer, or otherwise dispose of the luggage as they see fit.

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