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Getting to YOTELAIR Istanbul (airside)


YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (Airside) is located airside, within the Duty Free area of the terminal. Guests staying at YOTELAIR (airside) MUST have a valid boarding pass for an international flight. 


International arrivals: If you arrive via an international flight, DO NOT LEAVE THE TRANSIT ZONE and DO NOT GO THROUGH PASSPORT CONTROL to the Arrivals hall. Our airside hotel is located inside the retail Duty Free area and the entrance is airside of the terminal.


Domestic arrivals: If you arrive via the city, or via a domestic flight, GO THROUGH PASSPORT CONTROL and enter the Duty Free area to reach YOTELAIR (airside). Please check your hotel confirmation before arriving at the hotel. If you have an onwards domestic flight (within Turkey) or you need to collect your luggage, please book for YOTEL Istanbul Airport (Landside).


Call the hotel for detailed information before booking:

+90 549 827 71 05
+90 549 827 71 21

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